Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Woman ‘Planning Attack’


idfIsraeli troops on Sunday detained a young Palestinian female terrorist who was suspected of attempting to attack soldiers at an Israeli military checkpoint east of Bais Lechem.

According to a report on the Israeli news site 0404, the Israeli army received information about a young Palestinian woman planning to attack troops at the Mazmoriya checkpoint near the village of al-Numan.

The checkpoint is on a bypass road which links Israeli settlements east of Bethlehem with the illegal settlement of Har Homa.

A man who was driving the car the young woman was in was also detained for interrogation, the report said.

The report said a domestic-use gas canister was found in the car.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed that a woman was arrested at the checkpoint, saying Israeli forces had received information that she was planning “some kind of attack.”


{ Israel}


  1. The description of Har Homa as and illegal settlement is editorial. The Israeli government as well as many legal scholars disagree. The settlements in the West Bank have nothing to do with the Geneva Convention insasmuch as a Palestinian state doesn’t exist nor ever existed. Israel has no less a claim to the land that Har Homa is situated as does those who wish to create a Palestinian State


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