Israeli Genealogy Website Myheritage To Partner With DNA Firm 23andMe


23andmeThe Israeli start-up MyHeritage, one of the world’s largest genealogy research websites, has announced a strategic collaboration with personal genetics company 23andMe, the largest DNA ancestry service in the world.

MyHeritage offers users around the world tools to trace their ancestry, and to build and share their family trees. It offers a library of more than 5.5 billion historical records, and this week announced on its website that it has added millions of historical records-ranging from the 16th to the 20th centuries-to its SuperSearch tool.

Based in Mountain View, Calif., 23andMe pioneered autosomal DNA ancestry analysis for consumers. Clients supply a saliva sample, which is then analyzed to reveal their ancestors’ geographic origins.

“Combining genealogy with DNA-based ancestry is the next evolution in uncovering family history,” MyHeritage founder and CEO Gilad Japhet said, according to Israel Hayom. “DNA testing can connect you to relatives you never knew existed, who descend from shared ancestors centuries ago, but family trees and historical records are critical to map and fully understand these connections.”




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