Israeli High Court Criminal File Against 70-Year-Old American Recalcitrant Father


The High Court rejected the appeal of a 70-year-old American businessman who maintains that he is not backing his son’s refusal to divorce his wife.

In November, Israeli dayonim seized the father’s passport, barring him from leaving Israel, charging that he is to blame for his son’s refusal to divorce his wife for the past decade by providing him with a job and money. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit later recommended opening a criminal file against the father under Chapter Nine of the Penal Law, Harming the Order of Law and Government, which prohibits contempt of court, the disruption of legal proceedings and attempting to divert justice.

According to the beis din, the family hired a crisis management company at the cost of tens-of-thousands of dollars to tarnish the reputation of the beis din and influence public opinion in the family’s favor.

The High Court sided with Attorney General and the beis din, writing: “Among other things, it was established that his version of the story which maintains he has nothing to do with the igun affair and that his son runs his life independently…, contrary to the Petitioner’s will, is not only unreliable but false and untrue.

“His claim that his son is a ‘ben sorer umoreh’ who has no connection with him was described by the beis din as ‘ridiculous and shameful.’ It was univocally established that it is not the husband who is being me’agen the wife, but the Petitioner.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


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