Israeli Interior Minister Revokes Residency of Har Nof Terrorist’s Wife


israeli-interior-minister-gilad-erdanIsraeli Interior Minister Gilad Erdan on Wednesday decided to revoke the permit allowing Nadia Abu Jamil, the wife of one of the Palestinian terrorists who killed five in people Har Nof on Nov. 18, to live in Israel.

Abu Jamil, whose husband was shot dead by police after he carried out the attack, was living in Israel as part of the family reunification process that allows non-Israeli spouses of Israelis to legally live in Israel. She will now need to leave Israel and will not be eligible for any social benefits accrued during her stay in the country.

“I have ordered the revocation of Nadia Abu Jamil’s permit,” Erdan said, according to Israel Hayom. “Anyone involved in terrorism should take into account that doing so could have negative implications for their families.”

“I have instructed the Interior Ministry employees to examine and recommend ways of expanding my authority as interior minister to revoke the permanent residency statuses and social benefits enjoyed by residents of east Jerusalem who encourage terrorism and incite to violence,” Erdan added.


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  1. thats a good idea
    why dont we just revoke the residency of all of the other arab terrorists to outside of Israel, we can even give them a free new home
    I think the atlantic ocean would be nice

  2. 2 little 2 late. as if its ever worked b4. their strategy is so juvenile. thats the reaction of a non believing yid. as if judgement and punishment is in his hands. stop all the incitement against the nations and the bnei torah, maybe the results of everyday life would be different. what a disaster of a gov’t

  3. This is certainly the correct thing to do as the posuk states “Uviartoh horoh mikirbechoh” you should revoke the benefits of the evil people from your midst….”Vchol yisroel yishmu’uh vyirouh vloi yezidun oid”….all klall yisroel will hear about it and increase their yiras shomayim,and then the Torah assures us that such a tradgedy will not occur again….Omein kein yehi rotsoin!


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