Israeli Invention: Intelligent “Wrapping Paper” Heals Broken Bones in Half the Time


regenecure-wrapping-paperThe time it takes to heal a broken bone may soon be cut in half thanks to an intelligent “wrapping paper” from Israeli company Regenecure.

The “wrapping paper,” technically called a membrane implant, enables bones to heal faster and more evenly by attracting healing stem cells and fluids while keeping soft tissues from growing around the broken bone.

The membrane looks and feels like plastic wrap, it can be cut with a pair of scissors to fit any bone in the body and is naturally absorbed into the body after 10 months.

The material has already been used in dental procedures to replace bone grafts and has been used on animal bones, where it cut the healing time in half when used along with a traditional bone graft.

Regenecure is still in the process of clearing the membrane implant for human use with the FDA, but the companies CEO Moshe Tzabari tells us that it will be available for humans in the next five years.

A broken bone that heals in half the time? That’s a present worth unwrapping.

Source: Yahoo News

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