Israeli Mikvaos Going Solar


mikvahIsraeli Deputy Religious Services Minister Eli Ben-Dahan has instructed the country’s religious councils to transition all mikvaos to greener and cleaner energy

According to Ben-Dahan’s instructions, the mikvah water will be heated using solar energy in efforts to reduce pollution and energy costs. In the overcast winter months, mikveh facilities will use a backup system of gas-powered heating.

“The objective is to make religious services more innovative and more inviting,” Ben-Dahan explained. “Even in terms of environmental protection, we aim to prevent pollution and to reduce the expenses so that we can redirect the funds to adding additional new services and expanding the basket of services available to every citizen.”

{ Israel}


  1. Maybe the San Francisco maven would also like to tinker with plumbing systems in mikva’os? Do our great philosophers Dershowitz and Adelson feel that this too would promote democracy? R”L! Does Bennett have any improvements in mind for sakkin in shekhita, such as b’khinah by lazer? Shouldn’t Purim letzis stop by 33 Omer, if not by Paysakh?


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