Israeli Naval Commandos Training to Defend Offshore Gas Rigs From Terror Attacks, Hostage-Taking


israeli navyThe Israeli navy has been training to defend the country’s offshore gas rigs against potential takeover attempts by ISIS, Hamas or other terrorist groups, Israeli news site NRG reported on Thursday.

Shayetet 13, Israel’s elite naval commando unit, was recently tasked with preparing for a scenario in which terrorists on fishing boats attack the rigs, take hostages or kidnap multinational employees, nrg said.

According to the report, the navy documented the commandos performing a mock rescue operation, stealthily making their way onto the rigs in the middle of the night, with cover from the Israel Air Force (flying Blackhawk helicopters overhead) and naval missile boats. They then proceed to take out terrorists in each section of the rig, free the hostages and restore the rig to normal operations.

Another exercise was aimed at intercepting a Grad missile with an Israeli “Barak,” launched from one of the navy’s Sa’ar 5 corvettes — using a method similar to that of the Iron Dome for rockets.

Commander of the Navy, Major General Ram Rotenberg, warned that if one of the rigs were hit by a rocket, it would be a strategic blow to Israel. “One single strike will cause both physical and psychological harm,” he said. “Companies will not come here, and there will be no gas.”

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