Israeli Officials: Obama Has Agreed to 80 Percent of Iran’s Demands in Nuclear Talks


iran-nuclearIsraeli officials told Israel Channel 10 TV that they are convinced the Obama administration “has given the Iranians 80% of what they want” in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.

Israeli officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the U.S. will soon strike a deal that will leave the Iranian regime with a “breakout capacity.” Iran will be permitted to keep over 7,000 centrifuges, enough to produce enough enriched material to sprint toward the bomb within a matter of months.

These developments have apparently fueled Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s sense of urgency in traveling to Washington and addressing Congress.

“We are in a continuous struggle with Iran which is opening new fronts against us, which is engaged in terrorism in the Middle East and throughout the world,” Netanyahu said Friday. “This is the same Iran that the world powers are now working toward an agreement with that would leave in its hands the ability to develop a nuclear bomb.”

{ Israel}


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