Israeli Parents Slam Hadassah Hospital


Israeli Parents complained to the state comptroller that four children have died since March when a conflict erupted in Yerushalayim’s Hadassah Hospital. Six doctors and three interns from the hospital’s pediatric oncological department resigned after the hospital wanted to add more beds for patients from abroad.

The parents complained in their letter that 150 children formally cared for by Hadassah were now forced to visit hospitals in the Tel Aviv area and that 38 newly diagnosed children from the Yerushalayim area were seeking treatment outside the city.

Hadassah responded that the doctors and interns who left in March were replaced and Hadassah is still one of the best centers in Israel. The hospital is still treating dozens of children and has conducted over forty bone marrow transplants since then, the hospital said.



  1. Hadassah hospital is also an experimental school where it’s know that doesn’t bother them much of one their patients they experimented on dies.


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