Israeli PM Netanyahu Expresses Solidarity With Victims of Shooting ‘Savagery’ at Texas Church


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed solidarity with the victims of Sunday’s shooting attack on a Baptist church in Texas in which up to 27 people have been killed.

Netanyahu said he was “horrified by the savagery in Texas.”

“Our hearts are with the victims, their families and the American people,” the Israeli leader said.


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  1. With the recent proliferation of mass killings, we should not become callous to the loss of life. Every life is precious.

    Note, in Israel, if/when a mortar comes in, people have 15 SECONDS to run for their life.

  2. Why does Bibi feel the need to insert himself at every American tragedy? I think it’s very selfish of him. No other Country is sending their condolences. Stay under the radar screen. HKBH is davka sending these tragedies to divert the average goy’s attention from Israel and their problems. Why is Bibi redirecting their attention to him? It makes no sense.


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