Israeli Police Hoke Yeshiva Student, Bang His Head Against Wall


israeli-policeA yeshiva student approximately 20 years old who was detained on Thursday, October 23 during the demonstration at the site of the terror attack in Jerusalem in which a baby and a young woman were run over filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit on the violent assault he experienced at the hands of policemen at the police station.

The yeshiva student, who was detained on suspicion of participation in an illegal gathering, reports that when he arrived at the Lev HaBira Police Station the policemen insisted on carrying out a full body search on him in the middle of the station in the presence of policewomen. He requested that the policemen carry out the search in a concealed room, as is required by law, and according to him he was beaten in response.

“Two policemen choked me and hit my head against the wall three or four times,” said the yeshiva student, who received legal counsel from Honenu. “I fell onto the floor and then the policemen continued to kick me and one of them tried to lift me from the floor as he pulled one of my payot, part of which was yanked out as he pulled.”

Afterwards, in a central place in the station, the policemen carried out a full body search on the yeshiva student by force. As a result of the violence he suffered bruises, scratches and dizziness. At his request the policemen summoned a Magen David Adom (first-aid) squad who evaluated his condition and evacuated him to hospital, but only after he was given a summons for an interrogation. Several hours later he was released to his home to rest.

Honenu attorney Rehavia Piltz arrived at the police station on the night of the demonstration in order to brief the detainees. He noticed the depression in the wall where the policemen had hit the yeshiva student’s head.

Despite the violence he suffered the yeshiva student was required to report to the police station on Sunday, October 27. He was interrogated on suspicion of participation in an illegal protest and released after a court deliberation.

Following the incident he filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit, and he is considering filing a civil suit against the violent policemen.

“The conduct of the police towards the youth [yeshiva student] raises serious concern,” said Honenu attorney Hur Uriel Nizri, who represented the yeshiva student. “The violent conduct, uncontrolled and illegal, of individuals entrusted with upholding the law crosses a red line. The Israeli Police must condemn violent policemen and violent acts. It is unthinkable that in the heart of the capital city the basic rights of a youth would be trampled.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Israeli police are animals. They will not touch an arab animal, but they will instead kill a Jew. What a sick society. Nebach on us.

  2. This story is not exaggerated at all and it could have happened even to someone who did not participate in the protest but just happened to pass by. This is the norm in Israel where the KGB take the law in their own hands and do whatever they want. Reshaim gemurim mildly describes them.

  3. Could you imagine if that would have happened in any other place? Is becoming unbearable to live in the state of Israel unless you want to be secular with an uhzy
    ‘ where ever you go….

    We have made a mistake by assuming that the state of Israel was somehow beneficial to Jews or Judaism despite their secularism. You will not see more hatred of Jews than is the state of Israel….let hope they print the truth!

  4. Evil has no common sense. I would not be privy to knowing the students conduct which could be used to instill some apprehension in the police, but this response seems way over the edge.

    This student seems caught up in someone else’s affair.

    Gaps in our own treatment of our fellow yidden are terrible.

    This is Terry Taggng the extreme.

    What a horror.

    Would like to see how this plays out.


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