Israeli Relief Organization Delivers Aid To Christians, Yazidis Fleeing Islamic State


israaidThe Israeli relief organization IsraAID says it has delivered humanitarian aid to Iraq’s beleaguered Christian and Yazidi populations.

In early October, the group supplied mattresses, blankets, food, and hygiene kits to more than 1,000 people in the Dohuk and Erbil refugee camps in Iraq’s Kurdish region. Most of the refugees living there are Christians and Yazidis who fled from the Islamic State terror group during the summer.

A video posted by IsraAID shows the organization’s truck arriving at a refugee camp, with relief workers being warmly greeted by the refugees as they distribute the humanitarian items.

“They were aware that we were Israeli, and they received us very well. The Kurdish people really love Israel,” IsraAID founding director Shahar Zahavi said.

While Israel does not have diplomatic relations with Iraq, Israel and the Kurds maintain warm relations, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed Kurdish independence.


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