Israeli School Cancels Kosel Visit Because Parent Complained That It’s “Political”


The Omrim School located in the Negev canceled a trip to the Kosel and Ir David after one parent complained that such a visit was tantamount to introducing political agendas into the school. Instead, the pupils visited Har Herzl.

“In my opinion, altering the route and preventing students from visiting the Kosel and Ir David is unacceptable,” Chairman of the Knesset Education Committee MK Yaakov Margi of Shas wrote to Education Minister Naftali Bennett. “No one can challenge our legitimacy in Ir David and the Kosel. I regret that the school principal did not stand firm against that parent. I ask you to clarify the matter and to ensure that such cases do not recur. The visit to the Kosel is important for many students who do not visit the Kosel during the year.”

{ Israel}


  1. If the judenrat think that they have no right to Erets Yisroel, they should act on it, and move away to Europe or some other toilet bowl of their choice.

  2. Living in eretz yisroel is tantamount to inviting political agenda into the school!!! What a xxxx (dumb) parent!


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