Israeli Source: Trump Will Unveil Peace Plan After Embassy Move

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President Donald Trump will unveil his long-gestating peace plan after the U.S. opens its new embassy in Jerusalem, an Israeli source stated on Saturday.

Media reports have indicated that Trump’s plan is finished, but until now there have been no indications as to when it might be made public.

Israel’s Channel Two cites a “senior political source” saying that the US will put forward its peace plan after the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem. The official date for the opening is May 14, to coincide with Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

It was previously believed that President Trump would not attend the opening ceremonies, but he recently indicated that he might do so.

Channel Two’s source also gave vague details of what the new peace plan might involve, indicating that it would contain “concessions” to the Palestinians in hopes of coaxing them back to the bargaining table.

Following Trump’s announcement that the US recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and would be moving its embassy there, the Palestinians announced that they would not be part of any peace process with the US acting as broker.

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