Israeli Start-Up Upends Colon Cancer Diagnosis


colon-cancerAn Israeli start-up may revolutionize the diagnosis of colon cancer, one of the brutal cancers which is today often diagnosed only when it is too late for treatment, the Times of Israel reports.

Medial, established by Israelis some of whom are alumni of the IDF’s prestigious 8200 intelligence unit, developed an algorithm that can be used to analyze the results of standard blood tests and predict the likelihood of colon cancer some three years before the disease strikes.

According to Channel 2, Medial’s algorithm requires the charts from completely routine blood tests; prediction relies on math rather than advanced testing technology. The technology can therefore be easily introduced and implemented in hospitals.

Typically attacking people after middle age, colon cancer can go unnoticed for years and then be discovered at the onset of abdominal pains which the patient may think are not any worse than a case of food poisoning.

The highly malignant disease can from that point kill a patient in as little as several weeks.

Medial’s technology can potentially save thousands of lives every year.

{ Israel}


  1. Rabosai,there is no excuse to be negligent and not get tested/screened for colon cancer. It is called a Colonoscopy. You are put to sleep and do not feel a thing. If you have no family history and no symptoms such as bleeding, you can wait till you are 50. After that if you come out clear you only need one every 5 – 10 years. Don’t be a careless with your life. Get tested. This is the most easily preventable forms of cancer through early detection. If they find anything in the colonoscopy and it is early in the disease process, they snip it out then and there and you are cured.


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