Israeli Teen Stumbles Upon Secret Syrian War Documents – From 1967


ido-daddo-syria-documentsThe personal effects of a Syrian officer who had been stationed on the Golan Heights almost 50 years ago were recently found by 13-year-old Ido Daddo from Kfar Yehezkel who toured the area over the weekend.

Daddo, who was exploring a now-defunct bunker near Kfar Haruv, found an activity log and a notebook that detailed the operations of the Syrian troops in the area between 1966 and 1967, just months before the area came under Israeli control in the wake of the Six-Day War. It includes diagrams and instructions for the Syrian army’s strategic maneuvers and an inventory of a weapons cache.

Daddo asked his Arabic teacher to help him understand the content of the documents. “It is all in handwriting, with complicated military lingo,” Daddo’s mother, Adi, told Israel Hayom.

“I am thrilled because I stumbled upon something that has unique historic value,” Ido says. “I will continue translating the rest. I really hope there is peace one day so that I could give this back to the Syrian officer.”


{ Newscenter}


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