Israeli Traveler Jailed In India For Months After Stray Bullet Found In Backpack


india-policeAn Israeli backpacker, fresh from his military service, has been sitting in a prison in India for seven months now after Mumbai airport authorities discovered a stray bullet left in his bag, Haaretz reports.

The man, Steven Silvenchev, flew from Israel to Mumbai after his release from the IDF, for what was meant to be a post service trip, but upon his arrival in India, a bullet left inside the pack was detected by airport security. Israeli airport security had not noticed it. The bag was the same one he used while enlisted in the military, according to Haaretz.

Silvenchev has been awaiting trial for several months, according to a report. “I don’t know why they keep delaying the trial, but my lawyer has told me that everything is ready for the trial,” Silvenchev told Army Radio.

{ Israel}


  1. I don’t understand why he is in jail in the first place, why don’t they take the bullet away and send him home and tell him he is not welcome there. forshtay!


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