Israeli Woman’s Body Found; Terror Murder Suspected


israel-policeShelly Dadon, a woman aged 20, was found dead Thursday in an abandoned parking lot near the industrial area at Migdal Haemek, in the Galilee. There were signs of violence on her upper body.

A police source told Arutz Sheva that investigators are looking into a possible terrorist motive for what is being treated as a murder. Israel Hayom went further and said the police’s “prime suspicion” is that the murder was carried out by terrorists.

Dadon had no criminal record; she had been on her way to a job interview but did not make contact with her family for several hours. When they found out that she had never shown up for the interview, they contacted police. Her body was found a short time later by patrolmen, in a lot police say is out of the way and rarely visited by people. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. So sad…my heart is with the family…must bring the death penalty to Israel just like in America to put an end to terrorists. If not, more than 104 terrorists will be released very soon from prison to murder innocent Israelis again and again and again.


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