Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy


On Thursday, the Israeli prime minister’s office announced that a watch belonging to legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen had been recovered in a secret operation and brought back to Israel, Ronen Bergman reports for the New York Times.

Cohen’s spying in Syria is credited with helping Israel to a quick victory in the 1967 war, long after he had been caught and executed by the Syrian government. Had the Mossad carried out a secret operation to recover a wristwatch?

According to an Israeli official, the operation was part of a 14-year hunt by the Mossad to find Cohen’s body and return it to Israel. His body has still not been found, but during the search, agents located a man who had the watch. Cohen’s widow, Nadia Cohen, told Israel Army Radio, “The Mossad told us a few weeks ago that they got information on the watch and that it was about to be sold.” Read more at the New York Times.



  1. I find it incredibly hard that such a sophisticated network of hard working intelligence have it hard finding things.

    I know it’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack but think about he even got there!!


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