It’s Over: Israel Formally Cancels Fourth Round Of Palestinian Terrorist Prisoner Release


tzipi-livniIsrael has formally canceled the fourth round of the Palestinian terrorist prisoner release, said the Jewish state’s top peace negotiator, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni.

According to a statement by Livni, the Palestinians’ decision to join 15 international conventions violated the terms of the prisoner release that was signed in July 2013. Livni said the deal was contingent on the Palestinians refraining from unilateral moves.

The news comes following a reported all-night discussion on Wednesday between Livni, her Palestinian counterpart Saed Erekat, and U.S. Special Envoy Martin Indyk, which yielded no results.

Israel had delayed the fourth round of the release, which was originally scheduled for March 29, over concerns that the Palestinians would not extend peace talks beyond their late-April deadline.


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  1. I do think that at this juncture in the relationship of Israel, USA and the criminal element that calls itself “palestine”, we should be ready for a future where there are no more considerations for the crimes of the lesser sort from the wicked who keep trying to bother the future of Human dignity in the worrysome placement of human trust. Namely, we can no longer expect that the palestinians are going to be conditioned to ever become pacifistic in terms of their own aim today. I think that the ultimate goal of Israel now should be to remove the worrysome hand of indignity from our lives. If we have no more moods to deal with the Abbas government, that would probably be fine. I do not think that Torah calls the jewish people to constantly bend our own needs to refresh the ways of another inherently unseemingly defunct people.
    This means, unless they replace Abbas and try to move forward, I think that Israel has no further responsibility to try to keep changing our approach to the problematic hate of the Abbas regime.

    We can now flatten them in their hopes if that is all that is left. For I can not see that Israel can be negotiating with insipid hatred and lost form.


    Never Again.


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