It’s Actually Disturbing How Often We Check Our Smartphones


cell-phoneIt’s official: We’re addicted to our smartphones.A new IDC study, sponsored by Facebook, revealed some statistics on how often we use our smartphones and what we do with them.

As part of the study, IDC surveyed 7,446 U.S.-based iPhone and Android users between the ages of 18 and 44 about their smartphone usage.

Here some interesting stats:

  • Within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, 79% of smartphones users look at their phones.
  • 62% of smartphone users immediately grab their phones after waking up.
  • 70% of smartphone users frequently visit Facebook – more than half of them check it every day.
  • 78% of smartphone users check their email on their devices.
  • Smartphone users on average visit Facebook 13.8 times throughout the day, spending two minutes and 22 seconds on it during each visit.
  • Over the weekend, smartphone users check Facebook more than they text.
  • 46% of smartphones users check Facebook while shopping or running errands.
  • 48% use their smartphones at the gym.

{Business Insider/ Newscenter}


  1. Sure. Use facebook & addict to it & invite yourself to divorce your spouse C”V

    %80 of divorce & intermarriage comes thru facebook

    Protect yourself now before its too lateC”V

  2. Why are people checking so frequently?

    My phone contains:
    my calendar;
    my to do list;
    link to Daf Yomi;
    my shopping list;
    my phonebook;
    my email;
    an electronic pushka;
    a PDF viewer;
    Word/Excel apps;
    a login token generator
    a link to tefillah zmanim;
    MTA schedule/delay info;
    maps and GPS;
    Matzav and “the other guys” links;
    my fitness routine;
    a compass;
    Mincha/Maariv/Birkas Hamozon texts;
    a mind mapping tool;
    a WiFi hotspot;
    a barcode scanner;
    a Vonage phone app;
    a camera;
    a Photoshop lookalike app;
    and more.

    But what gets me is when I see guys taking cell phone calls in the mikveh dressing room! THAT’S addiction!

  3. get real people!!!!!!! It stops people from lashon hara!!! people need to start seeing the good in everything, maybe its not so bad after all.


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