Jack Daniels Versus The Cornflakes Law


In 2016, the Knesset passed the so-called “cornflakes law,” which seeks to encourage the parallel import of products by different companies to stimulate competitive pricing. The Paneco Group was importing Jack Daniels whisky from the U.S. in the spirit of this law when it was notified by the Chief Rabbinate that only bottles imported by rival importer M. Ackerman were certified as kosher, Haaretz reported.

After Paneco appealed to the High Court of Justice, the rabbinate responded that it did not have enough government funding to examine food products imported by parallel companies.

“Unfortunately, the government officials who led the reforms see no need to bring the rabbinate into the process by giving it the tools and solutions that would enable it to ensure the kashrus of all parallel import products,” the rabbinate said.

The rabbinate said that in addition, overseas kashrus organizations sometimes prevent competitive companies from getting certification for imported products.

“We cannot but regret that kashrus has been used for the sake of the financial interest of increasing profits at the expense of the consumer, and this ultimately harms the image of the rabbinate and undermines the reputation of the kashrus system as a whole, to say the least,” the rabbinate said.

Paneco plans to continue its legal fight.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


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