Jackson: Anti-Orthodox Religious Bias Leads to Rejection of Oros Bais Yaakov Proposal


oros-bais-yaakov-jacksonJackson, NJ – On Wednesday night, the seven-member Jackson, NJ, Zoning Board unanimously rejected a proposal to build the two-story, 400-student Bais Yaakov high school, questioning whether the 7.5-acre parcel is big enough for the school, the sufficiency of the proposed septic system and traffic impacts in the residential neighborhood of 1-acre lots.

The Zoning Board’s decision may change if Rabbi Ephraim Birnbaum chooses to challenge it in court. Rabbi Birnbaum, who heads the school, was seeking a variance from the Zoning Board to build Oros Bais Yaakov High School in a residential area. The board first heard the proposal in October. Wednesday night was the fifth and final hearing on the plan.

Rabbi Birnbaum’s attorney Raymond Shea told the Asbury Park Press that he had not committed to an appeal, but would consider it in the coming days. In his closing arguments Wednesday night before the Zoning Board, Shea said the opposition to the Orthodox high school was based more on religious bias within Jackson than deficiencies in the proposal.

Read more about it at Asbury Park Press.

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  1. The decision was based on zoning issues only. The land is zoned R3 which means 3 acres for 1 house this is a 7 acre lot so 2 houses are permitted. The school was going to put in a 4,500 gallon septic system and when it fails all that sewage would have polluted the neighborhoods wells as the land was higher than those around it,

  2. When a proposal is defeated, why is the cry religious discrimination,? There were definite facts given for the defeat: septic, water and traffic issues. When land is zoned for residential use that indicates building of homes not a school for 400 students. Accept the defeat and an appeal based on religious discrimination or a lawsuit is not the answer. Look for an appropriate location for the school. An area zoned for the purpose. An area with city water and septic and adequate roads.


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