January Is Kinneret’s Best Month Ever


kineretMa’ariv reports that, a week before the end of January, the Kinneret has exceeded the multiyear inflow of water, thanks to the ten-year storm adding 1.57 meters to the water level – the average increase of a whole winter rainy season.

The paper adds that this January will be the lake’s best year since measurements began 47 years ago.

A new winter storm system will arrive tomorrow evening, which will probably add tens of centimeters to the Kinneret’s water level by early next week. The storm two and a half weeks ago added 106 centimeters to the water level, which continues to rise by 2-3 centimeters a day from the strong inflow from rivers.

The Kinneret’s water level rose another four centimeters over the weekend to 210.8 meters below sea level.

The rise in the Kinneret’s water level this month is projected to exceed the all-time high of 1.09 meters for the month of January, recorded in 2004.


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Here in the USA we use inches and feet—- please Centimeters

    What happened to American moxie and Jewish intelligence? Do you have to be spoon fed all the time? HaShem gave you a brain and intellect; use them or lose them!


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