Jeb Bush Says US Should Move Israel Embassy From Tel Aviv To Yerushalayim


jeb-bush1Former Florida Governor and likely GOP 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush called yesterday for the U.S. embassy in Israel to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a political statement, according to a CNN report.

“I support that, absolutely,” Bush said, responding to a question about whether the city should be Israel’s capital “forever.”

“I also support moving the embassy to Jerusalem as well — our embassy. Not just as a symbol but a show of solidarity,” he added, speaking to reporters in Nashville before the Tennessee GOP’s Statesmen’s Dinner.

The U.S. has a longstanding policy of declining to recognize any country as having sovereignty over Yerushalayim. The vast majority of world governments pursue a similar policy to that of the U.S. on the matter.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. I disagree. Tel Aviv is the secular capital of Israel. Let all the embassies stay there. We don’t need them cluttering up our holy city.

  2. Jet setter. No hands for the dollar. But he has a brick in his sand box that says “Stampede”.

    Such is the Bush Family. Ready for war. Ready for Crime. Not ready for trust.

    The embassy is not a criminal broken feat and the reason to move it is not the most important political advantage. Inside issues say that this is a fool looking for a cheat sheet to success.

    Keep it where it is. It works.

  3. I see Purim has come early for Jeb. As Comment #1 said, his Brother Dunce George said the exact same thing and did NOTHING once he was elected into office. Just empty words by a fat dufuss who has ZERO chance of getting in the White House other than as a tourist.


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