Jewish “BitCoen”


Russian businessman Vyacheslav Semenchuk launched a Jewish version of BitCoin named BitCoen. The BitCoen group will reportedly collaborate with halacha, issuing interest free loans and assigning a tenth of its profits to the Jewish community.

“The first kosher cryptocurrency,” BitCoen announced, will have “all the advantages of the digital world” combined with “the values ​​and customs of the ancient foundations in the framework of Jewish law.”

The first opportunity to invest with BitCoen is planned for October 9. The company hopes to initially issue a hundred million BitCoens, each worth one dollar, and have up to $1.5 billion within two years. A Jewish “Council of Six” will manage the company.

Similar ventures restricted to a specific group have been launched by the self-proclaimed Free Republic of Liberland in northern Europe, and the private cities of Liberstad in Norway and Orania in South Africa.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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