Jewish Democrats Ask White House To Tone Down Criticism Of Netanyahu



In a meeting with deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, a dozen Jewish Democrats serving in the House of Representatives asked the White House to tone down its criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his statements on the peace process.

The Jewish lawmakers told Rhodes that the White House “had to stop acting as if the Israeli prime minister’s comments are the only thing holding up a peace process” while not “expressing a word of disappointment about Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas,” Politico reported.

Netanyahu came under fire from the Obama administration after saying before his re-election that his government would not support a two-state solution. The prime minister later clarified that he supports a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes Israel as a Jewish state.

Jewish Democrats also reportedly told the White House that the Obama administration is making it difficult for them to persuade their constituents to support a possible nuclear deal with Iran.

“You want us to go out and say the administration’s got Israel’s back. How are you going to get us to say that when our constituents believe that the administration is stabbing Israel in the back?” an anonymous Democratic Jewish member of Congress told Politico.




  1. for all of you so called Jewish Democrats your memory is short lived 70 years ago it was the Jews who brought Hitler to power and you are the ones who put Osama the Muslim in the white house yes Hitler and you democrats and Osama can kill bodies but Netzach Israel Lo Yeshaker we will have to wait for Moshiach to see the master plan

  2. Politicians are not above critique.
    But I will say this….
    The BDS isnt mad at Netanyahu because there is something wrong with him, they hate him because there is something wrong with them!

  3. The Jewish Democrats most be living in LALA land or they were out of the world for a while. If they don’t know what is really going on, maybe the people that vote them in should not be voting for them again. Obviously, they have not been following the news for the past 6 years and they are just following orders on how to vote, which makes them even more dangerous.

  4. To #1,which Jews had anything to do with hitler ymach shmo’s rise to power?Please prove what your saying before speaking.Every speech of his from his young political life spewed hatred to Jews.Where and how were Jews responsible???


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