Jewish Leader Calls on UN to Rescind Appointment of Anti-Israel Human Rights Rapporteur


Ronald Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote this past week to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling on the UN to rescind its appointment of Canadian law professor Michael Lynk of Western University in Ontario to a key post in Israeli-Palestinian relations – saying his anti-Israel bias disqualifies him.

“Professor Lynk has devoted his life and career to undermining Israel and supporting partisan Palestinian causes, no matter how fringe,” Lauder wrote.

“It is counterproductive and misguided to appoint someone to a high-profile position who will further inflame hostilities.”

Lynk signed a letter in 2009 criticizing the Jewish state for alleged “war crimes” in Gaza. A few years later, Lynk argued that “the international community must isolate Israel through a trial before the International Criminal Court.”

The Canadian foreign minister, Stephane Dion, has himself called on the UN to reconsider its choice of Lynk.



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