Jewish Prison Inmate Gets Yarmulke Back


yarmulkeA Jewish inmate at the San Francisco County Jail will be permitted to have his yarmulke back. Duane Allen Hoffman, 48, who is awaiting trial for theft and fraud, won a federal lawsuit alleging religious discrimination. Hoffman, who is Orthodox, was allowed to wear his yarmulke in jail after his May 2008 arrest, but sheriffs took it away this April, claiming a razor could be hidden under it, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. In his handwritten lawsuit filed April 23, Hoffman pointed out that Catholic inmates are permitted rosaries, and African-American inmates may wear mesh “wave caps.” He claimed jail officials took away his yarmulke as punishment after he asked for a tallis.Describing himself to reporters as a “gentleman thief,” Hoffman wove a colorful account of his life as the only child of wealthy Connecticut parents, a former code-breaker for the U.S. military, arrested for identity theft numerous times in Europe and the United States. No part of his story could be confirmed. Hoffman is in a wheelchair.

He faces up to 50 years in prison for using stolen credit cards to pay hotel bills and buy luxury goods from Neiman Marcus.

{JTA/ Newscenter}


  1. I met this guy 17 years ago. he is a faker and a gonif. stole from me. conned me. his story is a big fake. all he wants to do is gain sympathy from us Yidden and con some of us. Beware. Give him a yamulke, but let the chaplains in the jail deal with this. don’t feel sorry for this gonif who is a baby madoff. just doesn’t know how to be a bigger their. Steals from fumma yidden. and, I don’t think he even really is a yid, personally witnessed these things.


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