Jewish Student to Have Special Graduation Not On Shabbos


graduationRoll out the red carpet.
A Jewish student who can’t attend her high-school graduation because it’s scheduled for Shabbos (as first reported here) is getting the royal treatment from the Department of Education instead – with a private graduation ceremony at Tweed Courthouse. Schools Chancellor Joel Klein offered to personally hand Li Morse, 18, her diploma from Mott Hall HS in Harlem as an alternative to her graduating alone in her school library. Education officials said Klein would host a brief ceremony for Morse Thursday at the Department of Education headquarters.”We’re happy. It’s a nice thing that they offered,” said the girl’s mother, Rochelle Levine.

“She definitely chooses that over standing in the school’s little library room.”

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday defended schools’ right to set graduation dates based on the needs and availability of their communities.

{NY Post/ Newscenter}



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