Jewish Teen Will Observe Shabbos, Miss Graduation


graduationThe Associated Press reports: A teenager says she was forced to choose between her religion and her high school graduation ceremony. Li Morse won’t be at the Mott Hall High School commencement in Harlem. It’s being held on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath. The 18-year-old is the only Jewish student in her grade. The principal and Board of Education did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Her mother, Rochelle Levine, calls the alternative offered by school officials “peculiar.” The teen was invited to march down an aisle of the school library by herself on Friday.

Levine says religious issues have been accommodated in the past. She says classmates made sure the senior trip didn’t fall on a Jewish holiday.

{Associated Press/Noam Newscenter}


  1. The alternative does sound weird, but it’s generous that they were able to make accommodations for things like the trip. Good for Li for missing the graduation, and may this step light a spark for bigger and better things on her life’s journey.

  2. I graduated from a public high school in the 1980’s about half my graduating class was jewish – the graduation was held on shabbos, although there were some conservadox class mates they all went to graduation anyways, I was the only one who missed it. Needles to say all my kids are in Bais Yaakov’s and Yeshiva’s!

  3. Shoot yourself in the head and then complain that it hurts!
    Go to public school and complain when graduation is on Shabbos!
    Give me a break!

  4. #1 & #4:
    I believe we are not talking about the most religious family here. Probably tinokos shenishba.

  5. Before you criticise her for going to public school, you don’t know her background. Could be she comes from a frei family and chose herself to keep shabbos. It is a kidish Hashem that she is moiser nefesh. Many in her situation wouldn’t. I am involved in kiruv and I see what goes on. Credit where credit’s due please.


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