John Bolton: Obama Caving In to Iran’s Nuclear Demands


boltonFormer U.N. Ambassador John Bolton told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that he’s worried the Obama administration will ink a deal this month that will allow Iran to maintain some uranium enrichment capabilities, a move Bolton characterized as “an open path to nuclear weapons.”

“Leaving any uranium enrichment capability in the hands of this regime in Tehran is an invitation for them to break out into nuclear weapons capability,” Bolton said Thursday on “The Kelly Files.” “There is no negotiation with a regime like this.”

Should a deal allow Tehran to have some uranium enrichment capabilities, America, and the world, will be unable to monitor exactly what Iran is doing with it.

“There’s no guarantee that the verification mechanisms that are required are going to work,” Bolton said. “You really think we really know everything about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, like whether some of it’s being conducted in North Korea?

“I have no faith in our verification capabilities, number one. Number two, to the extent Iran is allowed any continuing uranium enrichment capability at all, and that’s where the administration’s concessions are moving, it has in its hands the long pole in the tent that any aspiring nuclear weapons state wants.”

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  1. Really, with ISIS on the rise, time concludes that Bush and Obama are TwiddleDee and TwiddleDum. And Mr. Obama doing business with the Ayatollah qualifies himself as Fiddler on The Starvation as well. Who can shine when the world speaks of America as a heck of an easy frown. Lost years.


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