John Kerry In Good Condition After Leg Surgery


kerry2Secretary of State John Kerry is in good condition after a surgery to repair his broken leg from a cycling crash, his doctor said Tuesday.

Dr. Dennis Burke, Mr. Kerry’s surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, said Mr. Kerry underwent a four-hour surgery and the break was fully repaired. Mr. Kerry is expected to be up walking on Wednesday, and there were no complications, Dr. Burke said.

“I anticipate a short hospitalization, a full and complete recovery, and a return to normal function,” Dr. Burke said. “I do not anticipate that this will interfere with his duties as secretary of state.”

Dr. Burke performed the procedure under regional anesthesia and Mr. Kerry was conscious throughout the four-hour operation, he added.

Mr. Kerry broke his right femur when he crashed while cycling in France on Sunday, forcing him to cut a trip to Europe short and return to Boston for treatment.

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  1. Why couldn’t he have it done like everyone else with general anesthesia. What does he think? The word will fall apart in the few hours that he’s asleep and under the knife! Some people are so full of themselves- it’s beyond comprehension. .


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