John Kerry: ‘Mideast Peace Process’ Currently a ‘Misnomer’


kerry1Secretary of State John Kerry has often spoken with some degree of optimism about the chance for peace between Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East. Wednesday, however, in remarks after a meeting with European Union representative Federica Mogherini in Belgium, Kerry acknowledged that the Mideast peace process “may at this particular moment be a misnomer.”

Kerry made the statement as he ran down the list of items that he and Mogherini had addressed during their working lunch, among them Libya, the Islamic State (ISIL/Daesh), Russia and Ukraine:

We also talked about the Mideast peace process, which may at this particular moment be a misnomer but nevertheless something that we are deeply committed to, and we will work on it. The United States believes that any solution that is ultimately going to be achieved, if there can be one, is going to achieved on a multilateral basis; it needs the support of the EU, it needs the support of the Arab community, it needs the support of the global community in order to take effect. And we will continue to work, and I will continue to consult with and work closely with Federica with respect to that.

The most recent round of peace talks broke down earlier this year, and despite persistent reports that Kerry is attempting to restart them, nothing is currently scheduled.

Kerry is in the middle of a five day swing through Europe for various meetings and conferences which will also include stops in Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


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  1. … needs EU support, Arab community support, global community support. Where is Israel in this equation ? ….IT NEEDS GUARANTEE THAT ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE WILL REMAIN STRONG,INDEPENDENT WITH JERUSALEM IT’S CAPITAL FOREVER.

  2. Listen ketchup, just start working on democracy and woman’s rights in the arab countries that is something that should keep you occupied for at least the next 300 years and help you keep out of trouble


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