John McCain: Netanyahu Should ‘Speak to the American People’



Sen. John McCain said yesterday that the American people need to hear from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on America’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The White House was angered when House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress one day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Most Republicans and some Democrats are angry that Congress is not being consulted in the talks.

“Relations have never been worse between ourselves and the only genuine democracy in the entire Middle East,” McCain told “Face the Nation.” “They are convinced that these negotiations with Iran will lead to Iranian acquisition of a nuclear weapon which will then nuclearize the entire Middle East that will be a direct threat to existence of the state of Israel.”

McCain said it is “important that Prime Minister Netanyahu speak to the American people,” adding that congressional ratification is needed for any agreement.

“This is too big to not be treated as a treaty,” he said.

McCain said Obama has “lost touch with reality” regarding Iran, noting that the country is backing Shia rebels who have just forced out the U.S.-friendly president of Yemen.

“The Iranians are either dominant or extremely influential in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen,” he said. “They’re on the move in Bahrain and they are winning.

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  1. Bibi should open with the Iranian threat to murder his children.He should also speak to the absent Obama and ask him if he would negotiate on his behalf.A history lesson about the beginning of the Holocaust is also appropriate as would a field trip to the Holocaust Museum.How have we gotten here?


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