John McCain: Sometimes John Kerry Interprets Things the Way He Wants


mccainArizona Sen. John McCain knocked Secretary of State John Kerry over the recent news that Saudi Arabian King Salman will not be attending the summit in Camp David, saying that Kerry doesn’t always get reality.

“I have great respect for John Kerry, but I’ve noticed in his tenure here in the Senate, but also as secretary of state, that he sometimes interprets things as he wants them to be rather than what they really are,” McCain said on MSNBC on Monday.

The Republican senator cited the time when Kerry convened “40 nations in Geneva to arrange the departure of Bashar Assad from Syria” and “the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks” as other examples of Kerry’s failed diplomacy.

Kerry was in Saudi Arabia last week to meet with Saudi officials and Yemen’s exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, NBC News reported.

The Saudi King said that he will be skipping the Camp David summit meeting with President Barack Obama because of an upcoming humanitarian cease-fire in Yemen. Other Persian Gulf-area leaders are also not attending.

McCain said that “it’s an indicator of the lack of confidence that the Saudis and others have” in the administration, especially as it relates to the nuclear deal with Iran, because “these countries view Iran as a direct threat.”

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