Judge Agrees To Allow US Doctor To Examine Charlie Gard


High Court Judge Nicholas Francis said Friday that he would allow an American expert to examine Charlie Gard, the 11-month old boy suffering from a rare genetic disorder, and testify on drawn out fight for the child’s life.

The decision came after the visit to Dr. Michio Hirano of Columbia University, whose studies focus on mitochondrial diseases and genetic myopathies and he has treated others with conditions similar to Charlies.

Hirano testified in court that Charlie has a 10 percent chance of improving with experimental treatment available in the U.S.

The family believes the experimental treatment has a chance of improving the boy’s quality of life and reducing the brain damage the illness has already inflicted on the boy.

Hirano will determine whether Charlie is eligible for treatment. The judge will rule afterward what the next steps should be. Read more at Fox News.




  1. To “TheDoctor” what a “sick”comment for you to make. These parents are desperate to save the life of their child. How many parents from our own people have been told their child will never live longer than a day, or to abort the fetus and not even allow it to be born, and they refuse, steadfast in their emunah that HaShem will intervene. Many times, these “fetuses” that the doctors, which I guess includes you, say should be aborted turn out to be born healthy or with manageable conditions. Who is anyone to define what is quality of life or what is the tikun of any neshama that comes into the world. It may be that in the end, there is no hope for this poor soul, but it is not the place of governments or ‘armchair doctors” to judge.

    • seriously read my comment i was talking about the rulings not allowing the kid to be brought to America its the judges who have ruled that its better to murder the child than to let him come for treatment in the US


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