Judge Napolitano Calls License Plate Tracking Unconstitutional


nys-plates_smThe proposal by the administration of President Barack Obama to scan license plates of all drivers in selected cities in an effort to locate illegal immigrants is not exactly legal, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed Wednesday.

“It isn’t constitutional,” Napolitano, a former New Jersey Superior Court judge, told Fox News’ “Happening Now” show. “The Constitution establishes a bar over which the government must go before it can commence any investigation about anybody.

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“Law enforcement is not allowed to use its powers for no reason, or on a hunch, or a whim. It has to have a reason that they can articulate as to who did what wrong before they can start investigating,” he added.

As a means to track illegal immigrants, Napolitano said the plan “isn’t efficient.” He explained the government must answer, “Why are you investigating?” because he said, “You can’t just investigate anybody you want.”

Read more at Newsmax.

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  1. We are being slowly trapped into a controlled police state. They use the typical excuses to change the law and then…..

    I remember how difficult it was to pass the cell phone law while driving. from there it went to a money making machine and the eternal eye of the police every where trying to catch you. Now they take your money and your license. Could you imagine having the police tracking you because you might be an illegal alien? Please! defend your freedom!

  2. I would think that there is no real crime in checking license plates and recording them for the policing of a social experience on our front pages if need be. Ultimately this is not a police state in so much as it might save lives and prevent crime. I am for it. You can check my plates any time.


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