Judge Rules: Chassidic Enclave May Sue NY Towns It Accuses Of Discrimination


shalom lammA federal judge ordered two New York municipalities in the Catskills foothills to face a lawsuit accusing them of  discriminating against Chassidic Jews by trying to stop them from moving in, Reuters reports.

U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest said Bloomingburg, a village in Sullivan County with about 400 residents, must face claims by the developer of a 396-unit townhouse complex that it violated federal civil rights and fair housing laws by trying to stop the project, which has been marketed in English- and Yiddish-language newspapers.

The Manhattan judge also said Mamakating, a town of 12,000 of which Bloomingburg is a part, must face claims it improperly blocked the conversion of a property into a mikvah.

Forrest also ordered local officials in both municipalities to face various claims.

Reuters adds that the lawsuit portrays an effort by “political allies” and the municipalities they control “to engage in a pervasive and wide-ranging scheme to keep Hasidic Jews out of Bloomingburg,” the judge wrote in a 56-page decision.

Forrest dismissed claims alleging discriminatory building code enforcement, saying the plaintiffs lacked standing because they did not show injuries, and over a blocked construction of a frum school.

The lawsuit sought $25 million, plus other remedies.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


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