Justice Department Seizes NY Times Reporter’s Phone, Email Records In Leak Probe: Report


The Department of Justice reportedly seized a New York Times reporter’s phone and email records this year in an effort to probe the leaking of classified information, the first known instance of the DOJ going after a journalist’s data under President Trump.

The Times reported Thursday that the DOJ seized years’ worth of records from journalist Ali Watkins’s time as a reporter at BuzzFeed News and Politico before she joined The Times in 2017 as a federal law enforcement reporter, according to the report Thursday.

Watkins was alerted by a prosecutor in February that the DOJ had years of records and subscriber information from telecommunications companies such as Google and Verizon for two email accounts and a phone number belonging to her.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. They’re only going after her because she’s a defenseless female. I warned you that Trump , besides being an evil white bigoted racist, is also a misogynistic pig.


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