Kachlon: I’ll Work Towards Chillul Shabbos with Public Transportation on Shabbos


moshe-kachlonMoshe Kachlon, who is to be appointed Israeli Finance Minister, declared last night that he intends to work towards making public transportation available on Shabbos, Arutz Sheva reports.

“I support public transportation on Shabbat, this is a social issue,” he said, speaking to Channel 2 News’ “Meet the Press” program. “You cannot say to someone who has no money ‘take a taxi on Shabbat,'” added Kahlon.

The only city in Israel where limited public transportation is available on Shabbos is Haifa. The Tel Aviv City Council approved in 2012 a proposal to operate public transportation on Shabbat but that proposal never advanced.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. You can’t expect a mechalel Shabbat- if he is- to be sensitive to Shmirat Shabbat. This is another example of the erev rav running the show.

  2. Lowlife

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  3. This is who the Chareidim are going to have to sit with? Here we have a “Jewish” State and the leaders don’t even keep Shabbos? How is Israel “different” than all the other Nations? Why is it called the “Jewish” Nation?

  4. Dont get this issue and never did. Israel is a free country. Its not a theocracy. You have now right to impose your belief on someone else.

  5. #6
    How is moshiach supposed to come about?!

    Judaism is primarily about the Klal.

    Ignore the shouts of “k’fiah datit”.

    Rav Eliyahu Lopian said

    “when they give us blows,kumpt unz. kumpt unz!

    { translation :we had it coming. we deserve it.}

    Their silent cry is :you proclaimed to be concerned about chinuch,about Tradition.

    how come you were/are so unconcerned about us?What about us?

    Where’s your sense of Achrayus?

    Does you doubt that Yiddishkeit in yerushalayim has impact throughout the world?

    Once a group of people in a frum section of Yerushalyim were protesting that their street should be closed on Shabbos because there was a religious majority living in the area.

    Rav Schach stated that the concept of majority should indeed not be used as an argument. They must battle for the truth because of its inherent value. Otherwise, in the sections of Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva where transgressors are the majority, they will sell treifos and desecrate Shabbos with impunity!

    Our obligation is to work with the present reality ,all the while doing our utmost developing towards a better world.


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