Kerry Says Reported U.S. Slur of Israel’s Netanyahu “Damaging”


kerrySecretary of State John Kerry has condemned a derogatory description of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by an anonymous U.S. official as quoted in a U.S. magazine this week.

“We condemn anybody who uses language such as was used in this article,” Kerry said. “It does not reflect the president, it does not reflect me, it is disgraceful, unacceptable, damaging. I have never heard that word around me in the White House. I don’t know who these anonymous people are who keep getting quoted, but they make life much more difficult.”

Susan Rice, national security adviser to President Barack Obama, and Yossi Cohen, national security adviser to Netanyahu, met Thursday at the White House. Kerry dropped by the meeting, the White House said. The consultations focused on ongoing nuclear talks with Iran and the fight against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. reaffirmed its commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, the White House said.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Mr Kerry the reflection is that this administration is the chicken_____ can you guys ever tell the truth on anything it seems that on any subject this administration is just not telling the truth


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