Kerry: Troops Not Going to Iraq


us-troopsSecretary of State John Kerry said today that the U.S. will not send troops back to Iraq-and he is confident the Iraqi government and tribes could together fight al Qaeda.

“This is a fight that belongs to the Iraqis,” Kerry told reporters while on a trip to Israel. “We will help them in their fight, but this fight, in the end, they will have to win and I am confident they can.”

Iraq has been gripped by secretarial and ethnic fighting since the U.S. troops left in December 2011, and the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi have now fallen to al Qaeda. In a separate incident on Sunday, a Bagdad bombing killed at least 14 people and wounded at least 25 in the Shia district of Shaab. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


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