Kerry: We Hope Israel’s Next Government Advances Peace


IRAQ-CRISIS/USAUS Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday he hoped newly announced elections in Israel would lead to a government which would advance peace talks with the Palestinians.

Asked about the recent political developments in Jerusalem while visiting NATO headquarters in Brussels, Kerry said, “Obviously, we hope that whatever government is formed is a government…that can negotiate and move towards resolving the differences between Israelis and Palestinians, and obviously, the differences in the region.”

The secretary refrained from making any further remarks, however, saying it was an “internal” Israeli issue and the US would not comment on the politics of the matter.

Whatever the outcome of the elections come 2015, Kerry did state that “We will continue to be supportive of our friend and our ally, the state of Israel.”

Read more: The Times of Israel

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    there are no dragons and no magicians
    In fact Torah tells us stay away from DREAMERS
    and false prophets and the like in DEUT/DEVARIM.

    My opinion: liberals are dreamers.

  2. Yes Mr. Kerry, we’re with you! We also hope the next American President will promote peace and make demands of the Arabs – not just Israel!

  3. Dear Mr. Kerry;
    Why do you keep bothering Israel? In case you need ideas for a change of itinerary, I’ve prepared a list of places to go to broker peace in countries plagued by famine, slavery, mass murder, rape, forced conversion and abductions: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, North Korea. I guess it’s more pleasant and safer for to harass Jews and sleep in the Hilton than deal with ISIS, Boko Haram, and Al Quaeda. Please, do something productive for a change!!!!


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