Kesef Minolon: Palestinian Authority Budgets Nearly $1 Billion for Defense


abbasThe Palestinian Authority’s new budget for 2013 allocates almost $1 billion – that’s one billion dollars – about 28% of the total, for defense, compared to 16% for education and 10% for medical services. This includes paying the salaries of 95% of “defense employees” in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Almost $60 million, or 4% of the Palestinian budget, is spent on payments to the families of Palestinian Arab terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons. The most murderous long-term terrorists pass on a salary to their relatives which is higher than what their prison guards are making.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. is it 28% for defense or offense. maybe they could also allocate some money to pay off their electricity bill, it’s only a couple hundred million dollars.


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