Key to Lakewood’s Town Hall Used for Shlissel Challah


menashe-millerLakewood, NJ – The economic downturn has affected virtually every community and Lakewood is no different. A well-known segulah for parnassah is making shlissel challah for the Shabbos after Pesach. Various reasons are offered for the custom.

For the Shabbos after Pesach, Lakewood Mayor R’ Menashe Miller arranged for a key to Lakewood’s Town Hall, located on Third Street between Clifton and Lexington Avenues, to be placed in a challah as a segulah for all residents of Lakewood.

The unique challah, with the Town Hall key inside it, was used at the home of Mayor Miller.

“Of course we recognize that tefillah is the greatest source of merit for parnassah and any other yeshuah that one needs, coupled with limud haTorah,” Mayor Miller said. “But placing the Town Hall key in a challah demonstrates that we, as a klal, recognize that we aren’t the ones who bring about our parnassah. It all comes from Above.”

{Reprinted from Yated Ne’eman USA}




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