Keystone Pipeline Vote Fails in Senate


keystone-pipelineAnother day, another delay for Keystone. TOday, the controversial plan to approve the Keystone XL pipeline failed in the Senate, when an unrelated energy bill it was tied to failed to move forward.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had decided the pipeline bill could only be voted on after the energy legislation got the 60 votes it needed. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The Republicans are so stupid. They could have gotten the Keystone XL pipeline approved — the votes are there. But they demanded votes on things like protecting deadly coal plants to protect their special interests at the expense of public health and the environment.

  2. Why not also look at Harry Reid I am sure he did not want it to pass and he had set up a glitch that no matter what they voted on it would not had passed. If Harry Reid does not want something to pass he will make it so, no matter if they had the votes or not.

  3. #1: Harry Reid and the Democrats are so corrupt. They change the Senate rules whenever it is politically expedient so as to protect their special interests and keep the huge bucket loads of money from Tom Steyer and the well-organized Green Lobby on K Street flowing to the Democrat Party.

    Charlie, it is the Democrat Party that is in the majority in the Senate. Let’s assume that there were enough votes in the Senate to pass Keystone. The truth is that Harry Reid used a parliamentary maneuver to block Senate votes on the Keystone Pipeline.

    Lets get the facts straight: Keystone fell victim to election year politics and Obama’s waffling on the project. So what did Harry Reid do? He attached strings to the Keystone vote: 1) 60 votes required, no amendments, and loading the bill up with onerous regulations.

    Even if this vote would have passed, you can be sure that Harry Reid would have had another parliamentary trick up his sleeve to scuttle Keystone.

    Finally, Charlie, your misrepresentation that Republicans support foul air and want public health compromised is your regurgitation of the propaganda that frequently emanates from the Democrat Party these days.


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