Kids, Stay Safe and Win a Free Teddy Bear – Week #2 Coloring Picture of “Let’s Stay Safe!” Kids Coloring Contest


Each week for five weeks, the Barry and Harriet Ray Child Safety Awareness Campaign of the Center for Jewish Family Life is sponsoring a coloring contest for kids.  The coloring pictures, will be printed in the center of the magazine section of the Yated Ne’eman (contest rules appear on page 4) containing five critical safety messages to empower the children to keep themselves safe. adapted from “Let’s Stay Safe!” (an ArtScroll/Mesorah publication). All children ages 3 – 8 who color all 5 safety pictures will receive a certificate for a free safety teddy bear!

Download the first week’s picture here for your children to color if you missed it. Or drop an email to and we will email it to you. is proud to bring you week #2’s coloring page for your kids to learn an important safety message.  Download it here.



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