Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Major Identity Mix-Up: Family Thought Grandma Was Dead


kingsbrook-jewish-medical-centerA Brooklyn hospital is being forced to answer questions after a case of mistaken identity, and now the family is pointing to the error as grounds for a possible lawsuit. She’s hospitalized in frail health, but for a few hours this week, three generations of the Abrams family thought their matriarch died at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.

“It’s negligence on the hospital’s part,” granddaughter Tracie Covington says.

The hospital is treating Ella Abrams for respiratory problems this week, but one of its nurses allegedly gave the wrong update to the family over the phone.

“She said, ‘I’m sorry, she passed away,'” great-granddaughter Jasmine Goodwin says.

Hours after the fateful phone call, the family went to the hospital to retrieve personal belongings and that’s when Jasmine Goodwin noticed her great-grandmother still in a hospital room.

“I just walked up to her and I touched her head, and when I touched her head, her eyes opened and she turned her head,” Jasmine says. “When she did that, I started screaming.”

After the tears of joy came the anger over this needless emotional rollercoaster.

“That was a bad experience for me, because I never went through that, and I’m still in shock,” Jasmine says.

On the morning in question, another woman apparently died at the hospital. Sources tell CBS 2 that the deceased had a different last name, but a similar-sounding first name. The hospital, according to the Abrams family, claimed it was a simple mix-up.

The family wants something done to the employee and, despite the happy ending, wants to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

“We looking at emotional duress, emotional stress – you know, that’s basically what our issue is,” Covington says.

In the meantime, the family says it has no plans on moving Ella Abrams from Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center.

The hospital has not answered any questions about the incident at this time.

{WCBS-TV/Noam Newscenter}


  1. so low of an iq to file a suit, no merit what so ever, tracie if u are reading this i give u
    permission to drink on purim la,chaim

  2. Come to think of it, I was also traumitized by this most unfortunate event. It reminded me of the passing of my own Bubby,OB”M, 27 years ago.

    I think I’ll sue.

  3. My father died at this hospital. He got terrible care. They didn’t check his blood pressure for 14 hours prior to his death despite them giving him anti-hypertensive meds to lower his blood pressure plus two meds that were not approved for use in his condition (both had black-box warnings from the FDA). He was on several other meds that could cause low blood pressure but nobody checked his blood pressure each time before giving them. He was found dead in his bed. You cannot give many pills to an elderly person or any person without checking the blood pressure. He had had a heart attack six months earlier but no cardiologist checked him after he was transferred from medicine to make sure his meds were safe for his heart. They weren’t. He wasn’t given a pacemaker for his heart conduction defects. Plus he was on one-to-one yet the person assigned to watch him was not the one to notice he was not breathing. A dog at the vet would get better care than my precious father got. This hospital neglects monitoring and also gives meds that are not approved for use in the elderly with dementia and psychosis – meds – Zyprexa and Risperdal. No family member was consulted or informed of the risks of sudden death associated with these meds. This is abuse and a kind of murder when combined with the terrible monitoring, even by someone on one-to-one who was supposed to be watching him. In my opinion this is a very very bad hospital with very careless and incompetent staff who basically killed my poor dad. He would have survived if he had been at home without being overdosed with meds.


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