Kinzinger: Despite Obama’s Upset, Congress Behind Israel


rep-adam-kinzingerThe peace process between Israel and the Palestinians was troubled even before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ran for re-election, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Sunday, but at the end of the day, the United States has a strong relationship with Israel that will continue.

“It’s not in a good place, but I think the peace process [already] seemed like it was at a halt,” the Illinois Republican told CNN “State of the Union” host Gloria Borger Sunday. “It’s always surprising when the president is upset about election rhetoric.”

This past week, Obama said he was not pleased about Netanyahu’s campaign statements about the Palestinian state, when he said that it would not happen during his leadership. Earlier on Sunday’s show, Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain slammed the president for putting too much weight into Netanyahu’s campaign speeches.

But all the same, Kinzinger, an Iraq war veteran, said it is obvious that Congress is united on the issue of Israel, and he expects that will continue.

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